Why must my school district’s spring break be different from everyone else’s?

While all my friends in different school districts around my area are on spring break this week, my stupid district has somehow decided to be different from everyone else and have spring break the next week.

Now, during spring break, I can only get together with people in my own district, while if they had held it this week, like everyone else, I could get together with people from all different parts of town. 

This leads to me asking why this must happen.

In my mind, there are only three possibilities that can answer my question.

  1. The people making the calendar wanted to make sure that we couldn't get together with people from other districts. (Again this prompts the question why.)

  2. They wanted to select this week, but accidentally selected the next week (I don't know how this could have happened though).

  3. They just wanted us to feel tortured while being in school when all other districts are out (I don't know what this accomplishes).
Now this problem requires a solution (or maybe I just think it does since I am an FPSer (Future Problem Solver)). In my mind the only true solution is for a state-wide or nation-wide law ordering schools to have spring break all at the same time, just as the my state of Texas has a law setting the mandatory date to start school.

I hope this problem is resolved quickly.

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