Wondering how school will be this week…

I am wondering about how my school will be this week. Why this week. Out of the nearly 36 weeks of school, why this particular week?

It’s quite simple really. If you have seen my previous post, I mentioned how we have spring break one week after all other districts in our area. So with everyone know that we are the only people in school for a nearly 200 mile radius, how will people be?

I think there are three possibilities:

  1. People will be normal (highly improbable).
  2. People will be as lazy as they normally are when they know the next week is off (maybe).
  3. People will be somewhat upset that they are the only one’s still in school (most probable)
So, will this be an eye-opener for those  _______________ (fill in the blank) people designing our calendar to be somewhat more sensible and give us the same week off as everyone else?

I certainly hope so.

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