Results, Part 1

The fist part of my results came in for my FB experiment, and they weren’t that great. A 660 on my Biology SAT. I was expecting better.

But considering that I was out of Bio for about a year, and I basically prepared for it on my own makes it a little better.

Does this mean that getting rid of FB for a while was unsuccessful? I don’t think I can make that call just yet. I still have to wait for my AP test results, which I think will be more indicative of all my studying. Plus, I don’t have excuses to make with those 🙂 .

Other than that, it’s been less than 24 hours with my FB, and it looks like not much has changed. I mean, people still become fans of way too many things (though, I don’t know why FB would add another like button). I guess that ties back into the whole feeling connected thing I talked about yesterday. It’s just a way of feeling that you aren’t they only one there with certain views, though it does promote a lot of conformity in that sense. People want to be like others or want others to be like them. And that begs the question, why are people afraid of being different? Everyone tries to fit in, but not many want to stick out. I think its time that people begin to stick out more and express their selves as unique individuals.

Though, that could just cause everyone to be the same by being different, like the 1960s.


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