Friday + Pacman + Food Day = Awesome

If you have not already visited the Google site today, you should. Now (well actually after you finish reading this 🙂 ).

As part of the 30th birthday of perhaps the best video game in the world, Google created a Pacman game with their logo. It’s pretty awesome.

And it was food day in my World History class. So much awesome food from many different cultures. I believe that food is definitely the one of the most interesting ways to learn about new cultures. It is also interesting to understand how so many seemingly mundane ingredients can make such wonderful tasting snacks. I would write all the foods that I loved, but I forgot some of the names and I don’t want to leave any out.

And it’s Friday. Can this day get any better?

Going back to Pacman…what is it about these classics that makes them, well, classic? Pacman itself has been around for 30 years, close to double that time that I’ve been here on earth. Yet, unlike many of the things that came out in the 1980s, I’ve actually heard about Pacman. Why? Why it is still wildly popular?

I think it is because of its simplicity. There is a certain complexity in simplicity that makes someone want to play it. It doesn’t require much gaming skill or know-how. Just click the arrow buttons, dodge the ghosts and eat up the little dots.

Or, in a subtle way, it may be more complex than any other game. Most other video games require going through a bunch of levels and to finally beat a final level, after which you can either start over, to play something else. Playing it over again is too much of the same, so most chose something else. But in games like Pacman, when the levels don’t really change much appearance or goal wise, there is not a perfect strategy (or at least none that I know of) to win the whole thing. Even when repeating the same level, it’s next to impossible to repeat the same exact path over again. It requires some level of change from one time to another, and I think it is this change that makes everyone come back to play again and again.

Whatever the reason for its popularity may be, I’m playing some more.


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