Bollywood Music…

What began as randomly scanning radio channels for something worth listening to while driving around town with my dad ended in hours of listening to 50s, 60s and 70s Bollywood music. While it was not exactly what I had in my mind, it wasn’t bad. Actually it was quite fun. It was interesting to note the cultural continuities and changes over time*, as shown in the musical taste of a populace. Over the course of these hours, I couldn’t help but observe a few things:

1) The basic themes of the songs haven’t changed in the past 60 years. Almost every song dealt with love, romance, etc…everything that we have become accustomed to hearing from Bollywood.

2) Songs have remained the same length over the past 60 years. I’ve heard many of my non-Indian friends complain after watching Bollywood movies (most notably Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) that Bollywood songs are extremely long. I guess the reason is that during the 50s and 60s so many lyrics were stuffed into songs which made them long, and this tradition of long songs has just continued.

3) That brings me to my next point, while the song lengths have not changed, the amount of lyrics has. It appears that older songs just had more lyrics. Today’s songs have long gaps between words and those gaps are filled with music, while older songs don’t include very many gaps. Why do these things happen? I think, because movies were more of a luxury item several decades ago, they had to be filled with words so that they didn’t appear to be a waste of time and money. And now that movies are more common, music without lyrics is more accepted. That or script and song writers were paid by the number of words they included :D.

Oh and I just found out that NBC is producing a new show called Outsourced, which centers around an Indian call center. I think it’s needless to say that I cannot wait. More info @

*I think I had a little overexposure to AP World History…


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