Facebook finally does something right!

It seems that people are quick to pick on Facebook for their (many) security/privacy flaws and their constant changes to the overall Facebook experience (which I personally am a fan off), but it’s hard to find someone finally praise them when they do something right.

I noticed a couple of days ago, to my delight, that Facebook started truncating the extremely long links that people liked just to annoy others. To you long link likers, “HA!”.

Though, Facebook still hasn’t acted upon what might be one of the largest user demands, the dislike button. And, I don’t like that I can’t comment when someone likes a page.

But otherwise I’m pretty happy with Facebook, especially their security settings (when they are fully working), but I think I already covered topic…

Now that that’s out of the way, today was the last Monday of my sophomore year, and while this school year is not yet over, it has definitely been one of my favorite years so far. I have learned so much more this year than ever before and it has prompted some soul searching.*

And while I will thoroughly enjoy the summer, I’m looking forward to my schedule for next year, which may just be the challenge that I’ve been waiting for: Academic Decathlon, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, AP US History, AP English and PAP Physics, along with some extra AP tests.

*Not enough for me to renounce the world, become a philosopher and seek the meaning of life.


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