Change is inevitable and everyone knows it’s a fact. Most people want things to change over the years, and progress. Every person changes over time. But, there are some things and people that we want to make remain constant in relation to ourselves.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t want them to change at all, we just want to keep some of their characteristics, those that we respect the most, to stay the same. We don’t want someone that for years and years was a figure of respect to all of a sudden fall out of respect or someone that we told everything to become nothing more than a distant stranger.

But when we face these situations with people changing against our desires, it raises a few interesting questions. What has really changed? And probably more importantly, why did this change occur?

When I answer these questions, I find it easy to answer the first question, but the second one puzzles me. Has there really been some monumental events that caused a change? Can I pinpoint any cause of these changes? Usually I find myself answering no to these two questions, leaving me where I began…why?

Philosopher me is signing off now, regular me is here.

I feel the need to complain that my cell phone randomly shuts off every few minutes. It’s becoming quite annoying especially since it eats the battery by this continuous restart process. I can’t wait till November when my contract expires and I can get something else. Until then I’ll be coping with this and the many other problems associated with my phone đŸ˜¦ .


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