Yearbook Signings

The last days of school are always filled with yearbook signings and much rejoicing. Yearbook signings are a great way to remember people, classmates, etc., but is it still necessary today? Does it hold the same meaning?

I’m sure when this tradition first emerged, people didn’t really keep track of their friends after school or especially after graduation, but today when just about everyone is connected to each other with Facebook, Twitter, email, cell phone, and more, does yearbook signing still hold the same value?

Arguments can be made for both sides. Some may say that the message in the yearbook brings back memories of specific times and events, while Facebook simply brings us the present, and does not allow us to reminisce about the past.

But, others could say that if you stumble upon a friend’s name on Facebook, etc memories are bound to come back, whether or not they signed your yearbook. And they may further question the point of living in the past, even for short periods of time.

This also raises another question, do people even go back and read what’s written in their yearbooks? I mean, I usually don’t buy yearbooks, but for the two that I have bought, I lost one (my fifth grade yearbook from John Marshall Elementary) and I don’t think I have really touched my other one since a couple days after the end of that school year. Yet, I still know the people that went to school with me then, I know what they are doing because of Facebook, and I still remember the time I spent with them.

It begs the question, does a yearbook still hold value?


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