Procrastination…we all do it and we know it. We love to procrastinate, yet we hate to face the consequences. So why do we do it? Pushing something off to tomorrow, or living by the Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow philosophy is extremely irrational.

Not procrastinating would probably cause less stress and give us more, guilt free, free time. Yet we insist on pushing things off till the last minute, just so we can stress out as we try to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, if at all we get that far.

I believe this raises a bigger question, are humans rational at all? During the UIL debate tournaments, this was a recurring theme, the human ability to rationalize. Yet, if we really look at the human population, can we justify saying that we are a rational population.

Beyond just procrastinating, we can look to some of the slash-and-burn agriculture techniques, specifically when practiced in tropical forests. The soil there is not suitable for farming, and so after a few years, the farmers move on from their current land, and burn down some more forest. That, according to Einstein, is insanity.

How can humans truly call themselves rational, when so many of their actions appear to be the opposite of what is rational?


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