As I was going through my chemistry final review today, I couldn’t stop thinking why all these things happen. Why do pressure and volume vary indirectly, why do temperature and volume vary directly, why does putting sodium in water cause a fire?

I’m not going to attempt to answer these questions, but I’ll merely pose another one. Why do we (collectively as humans) want to know? Yes, understanding the power of science has helped us greatly, with amazing inventions, such as the computer with which I’m writing this blog. But, I’m not talking about inventing/innovating, I’m asking why humans ever felt the need to question anything*.

This would be an interesting neuroscience project. What part of brain makes us question and how it’s triggered…maybe I’ll work on it for real one day.

Of course, that brings us to the distinction between smart questions and stupid questions. And when people ask stupid questions, it appears that they gain joy from simply asking questions.

So do we question things simply because it makes us happy to do so?

*This doesn’t mean I’m against the process of questioning, I actually enjoy asking questions to try to learn more (if you haven’t already figured that out by reading my other blog posts). I guess I’m trying to find out why I enjoy it so much.


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