morality n. standards, principles of good behavior

Most humans agree that there are moral conventions by they try to abide by most of the time. Whether it be not lying all the time or not stealing or not cheating, etc, they believe that they should abide be these.

This raises two questions for me:

  1. How is it that billions of people believe in these moral conventions and they have survived for centuries?
  2. How do we know that morality is actually right?

<Begin (vain) attempt at answering above questions.>

  1. Well, if people are conditioned to believe something since before they can talk or walk, they tend to hold these as true. Before human’s understand the concept of questioning, they accept everything as fact because they know nothing else. The complications arise only when contradictions exists. When contradictions exist people see the need to question beliefs, but with things like speaking the truth, there are not very many contradictions prevalent in society and so these go on as fact.
  2. If morality is something that humans were taught from the beginning of their lives, then how do we know that it is correct? For centuries people believed that the Earth was flat and that we lived in a geocentric solar system and that the sun moved around us, these beliefs were proven wrong, so can’t morality also be wrong?

And that raises another point. Does it really matter whether morality is right or wrong? It’s not science so it’s not like morality can bring us new inventions to better our lives, it simply establishes a code to live our life now. And without morality, would we still follow laws? Isn’t morality just a set of laws after all? And if we didn’t follow moral principles and laws, would we live in an anarchist society, or would something end up codifying our life, anyway?

And if something did codify our lives, does that mean that humans have a propensity to be organized?

And if humans have a natural propensity to be organized, why is it?

Moral of the story, questions just cause more questions.


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