Where is the excitement?

It’s over…my sophomore year is officially over. But, unlike previous years, I didn’t feel the same excitement that I felt when school let out. Why is that?

I think unlike past years, I know that this is only a temporary hiatus, and within a few months, it will all start over again. In the past, I used to not think far at all, but this year, I have done more planning and thinking than I have ever done in the past.

I guess it’s also because I eased out of this school year, whereas in past years, it was a sudden thing…everything is normal and then all of a sudden, school’s out. I think after my AP tests up till now, I was gradually moving away from the being in school mode. It began to all come to smooth stop, unlike a grinding halt.

That being said, IT’S SUMMER, time to have fun, enjoy, not wake up at ridiculously early hours and best of all, not be confined to the mundane routine of school.

And I need to get out of the eating lunch extremely early every day mode as well…


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