I went to the dentist today to celebrate my first day of summer…not really, I just want to get my braces off as quickly as possible.

It’s funny how my dentist, who I think is a pretty cool guy, sees me for about 5 minutes, moves on, and makes an enormous sum of money. Dentistry is obviously a very lucrative field.

That being said, this visit just reaffirmed my personal philosophy on dentists: If your teeth hurt, they’ll make it worse, if your teeth don’t hurt, they’ll make them hurt.

I was also disappointed to hear that it will take a little longer for me to get my braces off because of a small gap in my lower teeth…

But, while I was at the dentist, the radio was playing and an ad came on talking about “underthinking”, and how people preferred it when they didn’t have to think as much about what to buy. Quite honestly, this scared me a little and led me to the question why is society promoting this lack of thinking?

Thinking is what many consider to by a human’s identifying and distinguishing character, why then are we suppressing this most innate action?

In my opinion, if there is anything that this world is lacking, it is deep, objective and analytical thought…not thought that barely scratches the surface, but thought penetrates deep into the root of the circumstance…


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