Being different people

In life, we all play different roles at different times, as children, students, friends, mentors, etc. But is it at all possible for us to completely shut off part of ourselves while engaging in one activity. For example, do I have the power to turn off the debater in me at certain times, or does this just become part of me no matter what I do?

While, lately I’ve been noticing myself become more argumentative and analytical, as if I was in a debate round at all times, I have met people that I’m led to believe are good debaters, and there is no way I could tell without having known that.

So does that mean that said person has to consciously change from mode to mode like a car changing from drive to reverse? Or does that mean that my gear shift is just jammed in one position? Or is it perfectly natural to have multiple personalities in the same person?

It appears to me that certain characteristics exist in people no matter which “mode” they are in, while others only exist under certain conditions. For instance, while my debating personality appears to me to be apparent on a regular basis, my focus on what I’m doing appears to change with my activity (i.e. I’m more focused while driving than I am while running up and down the stairs).

That leads me to believe that there is a natural process that controls our behavior based on the circumstance…but the intensity of this process varies from person to person.

But then, can this process be controlled or manipulated? Can I make a conscious effort to be more focused while running down the stairs?

In the short term, it is very easy. If I have an exam tomorrow, I will be more focused on that subject, but can I make this short term behavior long term?


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