Meenakshi Temple Camp

I didn’t blog since Tuesday because I was at temple camp at Barsana Dham in Austin…and camp was awesome…

Staying away from parents for 4 nights, in the midst of people of the same age, with many of the same ideas (which sometimes are characterized by a lack of long term planning – namely pulling 2 all-nighters in a row).

But, the long run really doesn’t matter. It’s the sheer joy of living in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. I mean, nobody would pull two all-nighters for no real good excuse and drink 4 (it might have been 5) cups of coffee within two hours, among other things if they were thinking at all…

But one thing intrigued me about the whole all-nighter business…the next morning, I was more energetic than I am sometimes after a full night of sleep…and everything was funnier.

Like today in yoga (which by the way was pretty amazing everyday…if only I had the self-discipline to do it outside of camp), every little comment, that in previous days didn’t seem so funny at all, caused a roar of laughter to emerge within the “I need no sleep party”…

And there is this thing about yoga that energizes you…I’m pretty sure after my first all-nighter, I wouldn’t have lasted till 8 AM without that yoga.

And our instructor is obviously super human…

That reminds me of nature…the serene environment was just so amazing…I mean I know there was a lot of man made stuff, but the trees and the hills and the nature walk…it made me feel connected to the universe and at the same time, understand my place as a tiny, little organism in the face of the billions of others in this world and possibly behind.

In other news…I figured out that I should read the instructions on the side of the lemonade powder can instead of adding random amounts…

Looking back at this, I feel that I’m being more incoherent than usual…so I’m going to stop now, SLEEP, and then use some brain power to write something that is at least slightly less entropic than this…


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