NBA Finals

Anyone that knows me…even a little…knows that I’m not much of a sports fan, much less a basketball fan, but in this frenzy of championships, the NBA finals and the FIFA World Cup, even I have picked a side*…in basketball at least.

But that’s not the point, the point here is what does this game mean to me. What personal benefit do I receive from who wins this game?**

Let’s say that the Lakers win, Cetlics fans, what did you lose personally? Let me answer that for you: nothing. Lakers fans, what did you gain personally? Once again, nothing.

Just so people don’t call this post biased, I’m going to inverse and repeat the above scenario:

Let’s say that the Celtics win, Lakers fans, what did you lose? Nothing. Celtics fans, what did you win? Nothing.

So this is what this whole thing is to me: A set of people that are payed to throw a ball around for a couple of hours, being cheered on by people that (for the most part) have no personal stake in anything.

Now, does that make sense in any way, shape or form?

Ask yourself this, when you jump and yell at the TV (or computer screen or at the actual court), what are you gaining? And now ask yourself what you’re losing…your voice, your energy, time that you could have spent doing something else (like blogging, for instance 😀 ).

Imagine how much better our world would be if people spent the x hours a year watching sports exercising (after all, obesity is one of America’s greatest challenges) or volunteering their time teaching homeless kids how to use computers or for that matter doing math and science homework.

Math and science…this may be one of the reasons that America is lagging behind in qualified STEM*** talent…people are spending too much time with things that don’t personally affect them…instead of things that potentially can…

Oh god…I’m turning into my parents…

*Against my rational thinking -_-.
**I’m writing under the assumption that people follow laws and don’t bet on games…
***Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


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