What if we could instantly materialize any idea we had?

This might appear to be a random question, but the reason it appeared into my head today was because I recently found, out of some random box in my attic, a piece of paper for an invention that I had made in the 5th grade. Being in Edison, NJ, the place where Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb, inventions were part of the school curriculum since kindergarten, and every year we displayed our inventions during the Invention Night in the school auditorium for other students, parents, community members and the media to see.

While many of the ideas presented were wonderful ideas, I’m not sure of any one that has come into existence and use. Which is what prompted my question…

Of course, there are lots of ideas that we don’t want to have come true, such as those born out of bursts of anger, but I’m talking about good ideas, something that we think can be potentially useful. It can be done, if you have the determination, means and time to do so, but what if you don’t. What if you lack either one of those three…so many good ideas have been left in a conceptual stage because the inventor did not posses all three of the mentioned qualities. So my question arises, if only I could instantly materialize these ideas.

Of course, that’s probably a dumb question…so I’m going to move onto something slightly more realistic.

How do we create an environment conducive to the free flow of ideas? Do we need to identify a lacking in our lives and address that lack, or do we have to create a lack. What I mean is that before the era of computers, I’m sure that most people didn’t feel the lack of one…the idea probably sounded magical…anyway that got off to a tangent that I don’t feel like addressing now…

But, is there a way to facilitate ideas…maybe a worry-free, natural, quiet place, where the mind can run free…but then we might just fall asleep.

Maybe a mindless activity, such as riding a bus (please note, this says riding, not driving, please use your mind while driving)…and a conscious effort to have our mind thinking, about something, anything…

I’m sure that random contemplation will often lead to something…I don’t know how other people’s brains work, but mine easily gets onto tangents. Maybe one of these tangents can lead to the next Microsoft (sans Windows Vista of course 😀 )…


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