India Trip, Facebook Hiatus Results Pt. 2 and Other things on my mind

Due to my India trip and issues with Facebook importing my blog from the RSS feed, I haven’t blogged in the past 4 weeks. And since it has been a week since I got back from India and Facebook resolved the issue, I determined that it was no longer justified for me to not blog.

So firstly, I want to talk a little about my India trip. In short, it was amazing. Before the trip and during the initial part of it I was somewhere between reluctant and outright opposed to going to India. However, after the trip, I feel that it was a good decision, though it did push back just about everything on my to-do list by 3 weeks. We went from Mumbai to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala) and then traveled around South India in parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, visiting various temples and cities such as Suceendram, Kanyakumari, Trichendur, Rameshwaram, Madurai, Munnar, Thrissur, Kalady, Guruvayoor and ended up on a houseboat in Allepy after which we left from Kochi airport for Vadodara, Gujarat. We spent about a week in Vadodara with cousins and grandparents and I think that was the best part. For those of you interested in seeing some the pictures, you can see them at the links below, because I’m too lazy to pick out certain ones to upload specially to Facebook. So here you go:

Now, for the second part of the results of my no-Facebook experiment that happened between February and May. My AP exam results…they were good! I officially declare this experiment a success. Of course, it wasn’t a real experiment or anything because there were so many variables, but I think the time I didn’t spend on Facebook was well worth it.

Would I be willing to try this again? Maybe, but probably not. I think I have developed self-discipline to the level that I could still study without being distracted by Facebook or having to be locked out of it. But we shall see what happens as this next school year progresses.

Speaking of this next school year…I still have so much work left to do in preparation for it. Like I said, the 3 weeks I spent in India pushed all my correspondence courses and summer reading back by 3 weeks. Was it absolutely impossible to work on it there? Probably not. But was it specifically conducive to summer work? Definitely not. Anyway, I’ve developed a plan and as long as I stick to it (the hard part), I should be able to finish everything on time.

Other things on my mind: I’m drawing a blank.


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