A New Beginning

Once again, that dread of waking up early and going through classes and homework and tests and labs and teachers, etc. has come upon us.

Once again, the time of waking up and sleeping late has slipped from our hands.

Once again, it has come time to turn the hourglass around and anxiously watch for the sand to run down.

Once again, we start worrying about grades and report cards.

But this once again brings with it a new beginning…a new, fresh start for things (other than your GPA, of course).

Another chance to accomplish what you couldn’t last year.

Another chance to try what you didn’t last year.

While this year presents to me many  opportunities, it raises some questions:

Will I work hard and take full advantage of those opportunities?

Will I give it my all?

Will I, as Swami Vivekananda said, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”?

Or will I procrastinate and put off till later…

I want to go with the former. I don’t have a later to put off till. This is it. Yes, you might say we have another year of high school, but this is the last year of what colleges will see and to some extent, the last year that will mean something to someone other than myself.

It is time that I no longer let things distract me.

It is time for me to devote myself completely to achieving the goals that I want to.

It is time that I commit to myself to settle for nothing but the very best.

It is time to embrace a new beginning…


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