Rant on Calculus

Before I begin, let me reiterate the title…this is a rant, which means it is not necessarily rational.

So, without further ado:


Calculus: the method or set of methods in mathematics that leaves one completely wondering about what in the world Netwon* was doing with numbers and letters, and how in God’s name he came up with this monstrosity.

Some of the things we do in calculus: take an imaginary graph, draw an imaginary “line” (in quotes because dy or dx strips have two dimensions – although one is supposed to be really tiny), rotate this imaginary line along another imaginary line to create an imaginary 3-D object. Now, find the imaginary volume of this imaginary object**…

There you have it folks, calculus in a nutshell…a bunch of imagination…


OK…calculus might not be so utterly imaginary or useless. In fact, it is quite useful…but the point is, I really didn’t get the last part of chapter 5, particularly 5-10.

And to put this all into perspective…I want to become an engineer…go figure -_-

*it might not be totally fair to blame it completely on Newton

**Would the double imaginary cancel out…meh…who cares?


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