Class Elections

Yesterday I received a lot of Facebook invites to vote for every other member of my class for whatever officer position. Not surprisingly, every single one of these stated (among very little other things) that the candidate would work towards an awesome prom and project grad.

That’s great. Now what?

How do we take this to the next level? How do we actually do something worthwhile or set a precedent for others in the future to emulate?

Society’s prosaic and vacuous mind set has made us all slaves of tradition. It’s time to explore new spheres in which the student body can act as an agent of positive change.

So what can be done? Well, there are many aspects of the education system that can and should be improved. As history has shown, reform at the federal level usually takes a long time (consider Brown v. Board of Education and how long it took to integrate schools) and/or is extremely counterproductive (consider No Child Left Behind). Thus it is necessary that real change take root at the local level, and the actions (or lack thereof) of school administrators have shown that only students can bring about real progress.

So this is what I propose:

-Identify legitimate issues facing our class such as drop out rate, SAT scores, AP class participation rate, AP testing rate, college attendance rate and crime within student population (including but not limited to drugs and alcohol)

-Set aggressive yet realistic goals for the identified issues (e.g. reduce drop out rate to x%, raise average SAT scores to a certain score)

-Develop and implement an effective and efficient action plan by which to combat the issues and realize the set goals.

This is not to say social events such as prom should not be a focus. Indeed it is important for students to get together and celebrate the end of their high school careers. But it is also important to focus on aspects of the high school journey that will impact our future (in a positive way at least).

In any case, such elections will continue and inevitably at some point in time someone will realize the absurdity in focusing solely on trivial social events. Let’s make that “some point” today.


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