2010-2011 in Review

Today marked the end of the penultimate year of my public schooling career. At the end of last school year, I said, “I wonder if next year can top this… “ Clearly, it has.

Some memorable times:

  •  Giving up on the hope of learning anything in AP Chem
  •  Fatheree’s class
    • Romanticism – Thoreau/Emerson stuff 🙂
    • Argument papers 🙂 🙂
  • AcaDec
    • Drama, of various flavors
    • Social Science 🙂
    • Econ ❤
      • Getting weird looks/texts for sending a text that said “Econ <3” or something like that
    • Being H3 by 2 points after the Seven Lakes Tournament
      • Having Irish call my name three different ways…
    • SoSci/Econ Gold, LangLit Silver at the Pearland Tournament
      • Layne saying my name 10 different ways just for fun
    • Trash talking and being intimidated by Dobie on DDT
    • Tying several ties
    • Regional Gold in SoSci and Interview, Bronze in Econ, 5th place overall
    • Food related things
    • The couch
    • The other couch
    • The team room
    • Layne (right before leaving for El Paso): “Just to scare the crap out of you, there have been 400 murders in Juarez over the past 8 weeks”
    • The hospitality shown by TSA officials at Hobby Airport on the way to state >.<
    • Reading all of SQ on the way to El Paso
    •  “Cuidad Juarez, 1 mile: Do Not Bring Firearms”
    • Nearly losing people at state…
    • A conversation starting in El Paso and ending in Houston which started because of me reading The Wealth of Nations
      • Cogswell feeling sorry for “other paying customers” because of the sheer number of high schoolers on that plane
    • Heart of Darknessbuying spree
      • Layne, Bailey and I probably picked up every copy of HoD in Pearland the day we found out the topic
  • Frustration with parts of Calculus
  • Sleeping in Physics…everyday

This summer: Boys State, HAS, college apps, online courses, interning at UH again, hopefully at Northeast college visit trip…

Also, this year has definitely been the year of standardized testing, with PSAT, SAT, six AP tests, 4 TAKS tests and 4 EOC tests…oh, and an ACT test next Saturday >.<


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