Whac-A-Mole, Big Bird and other Serious Things

Back when I used to watch Big Bird on Sesame Street on PBS, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Whac-A-Mole at Chuck E. Cheese. The concept of this small object popping up in random spots in an unpredictable manner was interesting. But one thing that struck me was that the game was about moles appearing in random places…not about lions, or tigers, or bears, or former governors of Massachusetts that are running for President of the United States of America appearing in random places.

Yet over the past few days, the thought of Governor Romney always triggers memories of Whac-A-Mole. It’s nearly impossible to say where on the political spectrum Romney may appear on a given day. One day he may denounce nearly half of America, on another he may denounce the way he denounced nearly half of America, and on another day, he might completely denounce his denouncement of nearly half of America. (See the not so subliminal message that Romney denounced half of America.) One day he may want to kill Obamacare dead, and on another, he may want to keep parts of it.  And fifteen minutes later his campaign might say that he doesn’t actually want to keep parts of it. One day he may characterize Democratic legislators as partners, and on another, not so much.

Romney also seems to have a problem with math. He’s the only person I’ve heard say three out of nearly 30 is half. Or that going from $1.4 trillion in deficit to $1.1 trillion in deficit is doubling the deficit. 

These were the things I was thinking as I saw what looked like Romney’s metamorphosis from a squirming caterpillar to a graceful butterfly on Wednesday evening. A graceful butterfly flying around from position to position on policies. Although, it looked more like an awkward transition to the center after having to appeal to the Tea Party during the primaries.  I was also thinking why President Obama wasn’t calling him out on stuff…as was just about everyone else. Let’s hope that gets fixed for the next debate.

After all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the drop in unemployment was caused by more and more fact checkers being hired to check what Romney’s saying.

In any case, the following will be a follow up to my previous post about why I’m voting for Obama, and why you should to. (Also, register to vote if you haven’t already.)

  • A Romney plan doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist to cut spending and it doesn’t exist to raise revenue. Unless anyone knows of something other than raising revenue and cutting spending to decrease deficits, the Romney (lack of) plan isn’t going to do anything. The fact that Romney would even mention cutting funding for public broadcasting, something that is one one-hundredth of one percent (or 0.0001 as a decimal) only means that he has no real way of cutting the deficit.
  • In contrast, Obama plans exist. See here as just one example.
  • In conclusion, a vote for Obama is a vote for Big Bird. A friend of mine stated cutting Big Bird is just mean. Not only is it mean, it is also meaningless. Cutting one one-hundredth of one percent is not a solution, it’s simply a pretending you have a solution when if fact you don’t.

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